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SCITE Overview

  • Release Time:2016-06-24

Sichuan International Travel Expo (SCITE for short) has been held on a yearly basis in Emeishan, China, since founded in the fall of 2014. Over the past three years, this expo has been sparing no efforts to evolve into one of comprehensive international travel fairs in China, a reputed event characterized by high level, large scale and broad selection, where a considerable number of purchasers worldwide convene and transact in a more effective way.

Under the guidance of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, SCITE is co-organized by Leshan Municipal People's Government, Sichuan Tourism Development Committee, Information Office of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture, Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, as well as Sichuan Sports Bureau and Expo Affairs Bureau. Thanks to enormous supports, it is now universally considered a professional branding for tourism exhibition engaged in tourism-related products, corporations and service, as renowned as China (Mianyang) International High-Tech Expo and China (Luzhou) International Alcoholic Drinks Expo in Sichuan.

2014 saw that SCITE made its debut in a site that covered an area of 58,000 square meters, and a legion of distinguished guests and businessmen participated from around 37 countries and regions, including those heads of such international tourism organizations as PATA and UNWTO. During the period of SCITE, there were more than 500 buyers and 900 sellers in China and abroad, who got involved in 20 rounds of talks and negotiations, with a result that over 1,215 pairs successfully finalized their partner matching. By the end of SCITE, it is revealed that there were a total of 200 investment projects signed up eventually, valued at CNY 2.87 billion.

Opening Ceremony

In 2015, the 2nd SCITE gave prominence to its specialization and globalization, in a bid to build up a high level platform for further exchanges and cooperation across the industry. Not only did it provide a panoramic view of tourism industry, also highlight mountain outdoor travel, cultural creative tourism and Buddhist tour, etc. For this event, participants were from a total of 34 countries and regions, coupled with 12 provinces in China; exhibition hall was much bigger than before, reaching around 6,6000 square meters; it was comprised of indoor and outdoor parts, the former including One Belt &One Road Hall, Sichuan Hall, Tourism Product Trade Hall and International Contemporary Art Exhibition, and the latter Mountain Outdoor Tourism Exhibition and Gourmet Carnival. It is on that occasion that the expo had succeeded attracting millions of visitors, albeit in six days, among which, professional visitors numbered 0.1 million. Likewise, there were around 1000 Chinese and international travel companies partaking in B-to-B Trade Fair in the interim.

In 2016, the 3rd Sichuan International Travel Expo was held regularly in Emeishan, September 22-24. It was themed with Tourism Trade • Opening Cooperation-Boosting the Revitalization of Silk Road Economic Belt, in this specific, vivid and interactive approach to provide different exhibitors with a major platform for deepening exchanges, with a view to facilitating the growth of tourism in both Leshan and Sichuan, and enhancing their images as well.

The 4th Sichuan International Travel Expo(SCITE) is slated to be held at Sichuan International Travel Expo Center, Emeishan city of Leshan, Sichuan Province, from September 17th to 19th, 2017. This SCITE adheres to the "green" development concept, and takes “Tourism Trade · Open Cooperation-Tourism Leads Green Development” as the theme,while further expanding open cooperation of Leshan and Sichuan’s tourism to build up the tourism industry into a new engine of economic development, and beginning to focus on the sustainability of tourism in Leshan and Sichuan.At the Emei Global Summit, there will be more than 300 world-known experts, scholars and representatives of tourist operators from all over the world to offer wisdom for the sustainable development of Leshan and Sichuan’s tourism on the theme of "Sustainability, Creativity and Responsibility", such as the "creativity" and "responsibility" on the road of sustainable development.This SCITE will hold a lot of activitirs, such as Emei Global Summit, B-to-B Trade Fair, Publicity Week for the Guest Country of Honor and Theme City, Signing Ceremony of Sichuan Tourism Project, Tourism Investment Salon, International Buddhist Culture Tourism Forum, Tourist Talent Salon and so on, and also be equipped with two supporting activities, namely , 2017 Leshan • Qianwei Cross-country Challenge, and The 2nd Leshan • Emeishan Buddha Light Flower Sea Music Festival, which will also introduce some mass activities into the Expo, such as “Moving” Jiazhou that takes poetry, music, mountain climbing as the elements, "Tasting" Jiazhou that takes wine, cates, tea and flower sea appreciation as the main contents, and "Touching" Jiazhou that digs up the local characteristic culture. On the eve of the opening of the SCITE, we shall focus on the release of Leshan’s two major tourist projects, namely, "Leshan’s Ten Boutique Tourist Routes" and "Top Ten Specialty Travel Goods", and at the same time, we shall also hold a grand Opening Ceremony of Three-Rivers Night Tour in Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area.