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B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair

  • Release Time:2017-09-20

The B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair is an important event of Sichuan International Travel Expo (SCITE). Highlighting the “B-to-B” concept, It will invite a huge number of buyers and sellers including domestic and foreign tour operators and investors for promoting and publishing tourism products and routes of Sichuan Province, which aims to build a face-to-face and one-to-one trade platform between domestic and foreign buyers and sellers. In previous two sessions of SCITE, B-to-B Tourism trade fair was held successfully, which received unanimous acclaim and attention of tour operators.

In the first session of SCITE, B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair adopted an international current way of buyers sitting in fixed place, one to one talk and face to face trade. More than 80 inbound and outbound investors took part in this fair. Intent cooperation amount reached CNY 2.874 billion; 200 merchant signing tourism projects were concluded with the amount of CNY 131.85 billion, among which, Leshan project amounted to CNY 61.38 billion.

Compared with the previous session, profession and effectiveness were emphasized in the 2nd SCITE in B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair. In the methods of buyers seated in fixed place, one to one talk and face to face trade, 429 domestic and foreign buyers from 44 regions and countries, including USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, Australia, South Korea and Japan that participated in this fair. They were from world-noted tour organizations, including NTA, UK Global Travel, European Chinese Travel Agency Group and so on. The follwoing countries have already launched airlines flights to Sichuan Province, respectively Russia, South Korea, Holland, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Nepal, all of which have sent their substantial buyers to this fair. During the B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair, 38 tourism projects were signed up, valued at around CNY 66.6 billion, 19 out of which were Leshan projects, valued at CNY 29.5 billion.

The B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair of the 3rd SCITE has been held on September 23 and 24, 2016 in Emeishan City of Leshan City. This session still adopted previous trading mode that further set up an efficient exchange and cooperation platform for domestic and foreign buyers and sellers so as to together search for cooperation, together explore business chance and achieve mutual benefit and win-win partnership. 

As with previous sessions, 4th SCITE has renewed booming scene of B-To-B Trade Fair that continued the use of trading mode mentioned above, where more than 150 overseas buyers from around 30 countries and regions embarked on hectic transaction and negotiation with travel agencies and hotels inside and outside Sichuan. After two days' 9 rounds of busy but orderly negotiation, a total number of 137 agreements were eventually reached, valued at CNY 0.137 billion.