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B to B, Hand in Hand, Writing New Rhythms for the Industry

  • Release Time:2016-09-24

     With the grand opening of the 3rd Sichuan International Travel Expo, a variety of supporting activities for the exposition has already been developed one after another. As one of the key activities of the exposition, B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as “trade fair”) lived up to everyone's expectations to achieve very fruitful commercial results. Related units affiliated to the organizing committee of this expo selected and invited tourism product service buyers among Europe and America, Australia and New Zealand, Japan and South Korea and other such overseas source markets as well as domestic market to participate. Excellent buyers and sellers, respectively numbered 165, attended the event. Travel agencies from Thailand and South Korea and other such countries actively enrolled as sellers to participate in the event. The top 20 travel agencies from Sichuan Province for inbound tourism participated in the B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair. 

Highly efficient and busy venue for the Trade Fair

Ms. Zhao, Marketing Manager of Tainan Qiao'an Travel Agency LLC from Taiwan introduced to us, “B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair can help us gain more and deeper understanding of the scenic spots in Sichuan Province so that we can come into contact with newly explored scenic spots earlier than others.” She said, “At present, we have yet to ascertain cooperation with our negotiators because we would like to have more communication with the sellers here so that we can have better understanding of the products of Mainland sellers before we can make any decisions.”

Ms. Zhao from Taiwan is negotiating with sellers. Both parties are getting along very well

Ms. Gu of Wang Dynasty Group from the U.K. also made favorable comments on B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair. She told us that they attached great importance to Sichuan International Travel Expo and B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair. She expressed that during talks travel agencies could seek out partners and potential clients more efficiently and accurately. She just finished negotiating with some sellers. Besides, she was impressed by the sponsors of the Trade Fair as well as those services provided by the volunteers. She said, “I would like to thank them for providing us with help and support during the Trade Fair.”

Ms. Gu of Wang Dynasty Group from the U.K. and seller representatives made decisions on follow-up works

 The hardworking volunteers and interpreters for the Trade Fair won unanimous acceptance from all the sellers and buyers

    Iwan Emilyakov is Manager of Department of Inbound Tourism from China Travel/Trans-Show Tour. He said, “The conference is well organized. It is the first time that I have come to participate in it. I am deeply impressed!” With regard to the results of the Trade Fair, he had already come into contact with seller representatives from two Chinese companies and two companies from Thailand. After negotiations, they had already achieved rough intentions and they were prepared to do follow-up works.

Iwan from Russia is introducing and promoting his company to us

A buyer from Poland is exchanging contact information with representatives from some Chinese sellers

   Mr. Chen Qi is Manager of the Center of Inbound Tourism of Sichuan China International Travel Service. He believed that traditional tourism expositions were standing at the intersection of reform and change and that at this time of information explosion people needed more “B-to-B” so that similar supporting activities and services of B-to-B Tourism Trade Fair could totally play more roles in tourism expositions. 
    Furthermore, a lot of participating seller and buyer representatives had simple discussions with us. Most of them were very satisfied with this travel exposition and the Talks. Some of them even offered us some “suggestions.” The abovementioned Russian friend Iwan Emilyakov resentfully said, “Don't you think the room for lunch break is a little bit limited? Chinese cuisine is very delicious, so…” Then, he lowered his head to take a look at the bulk of his body.” There was a buyer who was obviously from Europe and America and sitting at the next table. He thought so, too, since he kept on nodding his head. The atmosphere was relaxing and pleasant. 

During the break of the Trade Fair, the event also provided the introduction and promotion event for tourism in Thailand