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Scenic Areas Operation & Investment Salon Successfully Held

  • Release Time:2016-09-24

On the morning of September 24, “Scenic Areas Operation & Investment Salon” of Asia Pacific Tour Operators Exchange Salon was successfully held in Emeishan City. Among participants giving a speech are personnel related to tourism investment and financing, such as officials of Pacific Asia Travel Association, leaders and scenic area managers at country or city level in Sichuan Province, representatives of China Development Bank, representatives of China Association for the Promotion of Development Financing, senior management of International Data Group, and representatives of local investment enterprises.

Representatives present at the salon extensively exchanged their opinions in terms of “Tourism Investment and Financing”, a long-term much-talked-about topic. Investors mainly introduced their investment interest, investment willingness, and investment concept, and shared their successful cases and lessons learned from failures in investment. Leaders of local government and representatives of scenic areas introduced their advantageous tourism resources, demonstrated their potential in both tourism development and return of investment, and sincerely expressed their intention to help boom the local tourism industry by attracting investment.

Sichuan International Travel Expo, as an excellent platform for industrial communication, has been devoting itself to offering efficient and practical linkage opportunities for all exhibitors and endeavoring to work as a go-between for all tour operators. The salon concept has been confirmed by the successful “Scenic Areas Operation & Investment Salon”.

Meanwhile, Sichuan International Travel Expo held a salon on“Operational Challenges Facing Travel Agencies”. Participants warmly discussed issues facing the tourism development, made in-depth exchange on crisis and opportunities facing travel agencies in the current era. They hoped that the healthy network of travel agencies would drive passenger flow and capital flow into the tourism industry, and all manner of help could be rendered for the tourism development of Leshan.