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Highlights of Emei Global Summit: Mountain Tourism & Buddhist Culture

  • Release Time:2016-09-24

Enjoyment·Bright Prospects for Mountain Tourism 
Sub-Forum of Emei Global Summit 
Special Tour Products Merging of Tourism & Sports and Presentation on Leshan Mountain Tourism Strategic Action Plan

On September 24, the Sub-Forum of Emei Global Summit was held at Hongzhushan Hotel in Emeishan City. The Sub-Forum was themed with “Special Tour Products Merging of Tourism & Sports and Presentation on Leshan Mountain Tourism Strategic Action Plan.” A lot of experts, scholars, representatives from travel agencies and the media were gathered there to discuss together the development prospects of mountain tourism. 

How can Leshan successfully transform excellent mountain tourism resources into modernized tourism products? How can Leshan throw Leshan tourism products into the international market? How can Leshan improve the additional values of its mountain tourism? How can Leshan avoid homogenized product competition through differentiated development? All those questions were the topic issues of this Sub-Forum. 

Huang Pinglin welcomed all the guests in his speech. He said, “With a more open mind and more practical measures, Leshan will focus tourism development on the combination of mountain tourism, tourism and sports, and it will put forth efforts to build mountain tourism into a growth pole that will stimulate economic development in mountainous regions.”

During the Sub-Forum, Xu Fan, an expert from UNWTO introduced the  Five-Year Action Plan for Leshan Mountain Tourism Development Strategy(Domestic Part) from such three aspects as the internationalization of Leshan industrial development, the individualization of district and county tourism, and implementation of compound Leshan tourism. 

John Koldowski, CEO and Strategy Advisor of PATA took German-speaking market for example, shared with everyone his comments on individualized requirements of mountain tourism and the improvement of mountain tourism services and other such topics, and introduced the Five-Year Action Plan for Leshan Mountain Tourism Development Strategy(International Part).

During the salon seminar that followed the first half of the Sub-Forum, the aforesaid experts and representatives also carried out multi-party discussions on the future development of mountain tourism in Leshan and Sichuan Province. The penetrating judgments and ample knowledge and experience shown by the experts during the free talks helped them win thunderous applauses from the participating representatives. 

Zen•Buddhist Culture for Accelerating Tourism Industry 
Sub-Forum of Emei Global Summit 
Tourist Destination Construction for Emeishan International Buddhism

On the afternoon of September 24, The Forum on Tourist Destination Construction for Emeishan International Buddhism at the 3rd SCITE was held in Emeishan City. Senior experts on culture and tourism from Sichuan Province, as well as professionals from the tourism, culture and religion circles in Leshan were gathered to discuss the fusion development of the inheritance of Emeishan Buddhist culture and ecological tourism. 

Yang Boming, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Ethnic & Religious Affairs Commission, Xiong Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of Leshan Municipal Party Committee, Director of Sichuan Provincial Organization Department and of Sichuan Provincial United Front Work Department, as well as Zhu Yongzhi, Vice-Chairman of Leshan City Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and other such leaders attended the Sub-Forum. 

During the Sub-Forum, all the guests carried out in-depth communications on the inheritance of Buddhist culture, sustainable development of Emeishan tourism, the protection of Buddhist culture resources and so on. 

All the guests expressed that it was necessary to explore the Buddhist culture in Leshan and stories of famous historical figures so that through those stories tourists could empathize with the plants and trees there emotionally and culturally, and promote the Buddhist culture and tourism development in Leshan and Emeishan.