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The 3rd Sichuan International Travel Expo

  • Release Time:2016-10-10

The 3rd Sichuan International Travel Expo was majestically held in Emeishan, Leshan, from September 22 to 28, 2016, themed with “Tourism Trade•Opening Cooperation – Boosting the Revitalization of the Silk Road Economic Belt”. At this event, Lehsan saw senior executives from UNWTO, PATA and WTTC show up, as well as a large number of representatives of the tourism industry and international travel agencies from the US, Germany, France, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and 41 other countries and regions.

Colorful Exhibition Halls: Leshan Goes to the World

The total area for exhibition and trade at the expo reached up to 66,000 square meters, involving different designated sections, such as Trade & Negotiation Area, Exhibition & Promotion Area, Tourist Commodities Area and Outdoor Experience Area, all of which centered on the themes of the “Belt and Road,” mountain area tourism, “Tourism +” and other such topics. To meet tourists' demand for a carnival-like experience, the expo featured a section with an immersive outdoor experience of tourism along with a special area for tourism for citizens' benefit. As many as 1 million people from the general public category attended the event.

Attracting Foreign Businesses & Investment: Valued around RMB 45 Billion

During the SCITE, Sichuan continued the promotion of selected tourism projects pertaining to “8+30+100” and collectively signed 24 travel projects with the total contract amount reaching up to RMB 44.742 billion. The breakdown of travel projects along with their contractual worth is as follows: 18 Leshan projects worth RMB 30.072 billion, two projects in Luzhou worth RMB 9.37 billion, one Dazhou project worth RMB 200 million, one project in Meishan worth RMB 4.6 billion and one Ziyang project with total contract amount reaching up to RMB 500 million. It is understood that the aforesaid 24 projects involve multiple areas and industries and trigger competitive companies to race against each other for investment in the tourism industry. Tourism is becoming a bridgehead and main force with which Sichuan attracts investments.

Thematic Event: Continued Excitement

A number of events were held successively amid the expo, including Asian-Pacific Tour Operators Conference, Emei Global Summit, Project Signing Ceremony, Study Tour of Sichuan High-quality Tourism, Launch Ceremony of Leshan Tourism Global Marketing, Promotion of Thailand and Emeishan as respectively the Guest of Honor and Theme City, Tourist Product Trade, Tourist Commodities Fair and other such colorful activities. These activities facilitated the participants and travel agencies to build a tourist commodities and services negotiation and trading platform, a tourism industry exchange and cooperation platform and tourism industry exhibition and promotion platform.

B-to-B Trade Fair: Achieving Substantial Results

This session of SCITE continued to adopt the previously used method of “B-to-B" trade fair after the selection of as many as 165 tourism products and service buyers and sellers from the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and other foreign markets besides domestic regions. The travelling salesmen from Japan, South Korea and other such countries actively enrolled to participate in the event as sellers. Top 20 travel agencies in Sichuan Province participated in B-to-B Trade Fair.

The Guest of Honor & Theme City: Caught in the Spotlight

It was the first time that the SCITE named the Guest of Honor and a Theme City. During the expo, Thailand as Guest of Honor and Emeishan as Theme City spared no efforts in their promotional activities for the global tourism industry and tourism fans. They were extensively and closely followed and highly praised. Moreover, the promotion of Tourism in Thailand and Emeishan played a leading role on the occasion.

Traveling in Leshan: Starting the Global Marketing Mode

For this expo, Lauch Ceremony of Leshan Tourism Global Marketing was put on stage for the first time. Leshan Tourism joined hands with Ctrip, Mafengwo,, Tuniu and Meituan and other such organizations. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and reciprocity, they carried out comprehensive cooperation in tourism market expansion, Leshan's global tourism marketing and other such aspects, which are expected to pave way for a trend which promises regard for mutual benefit and win-win.